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Your Health,
Our Priority !

DOT Physicals
Well Child Checks
Pap Smears
Pre Employment Physicals
Workmans Comp.

Procedures Offered:

Botox injections for migraines
Laceration Repair
Lesion/Mole Removal
Lesion/Mole Biopsy
Minor Surgery
Allergy Testing with Immunotherapy if necessary
Steroid Injections
Joint Injections: Knee, Shoulder, Wrist, Elbow, Hip etc.
Trigger Point Injections
Dental Blocks
Hemorrhoid Treatment
Ingrown Toenail Repair
Ear Washes
Spirometry/Pulmonary Function Testing

Disease Management:

Blood Pressure Management
COPD/Emphysema Management
Asthma Management
Acne Treatment
Cholesterol Management Screening
Diabetes Management and Screening
Migraine Treatment
Weight Management

Knoll Clinic Services
Name of Service
Name of Service

 In House Lab (available the same day):

PT/INR (coumadin clinic)
Strep Screening
Mononucleosis Screening
Influenza Screening
RSV (respiratory syncsynctial virus)
H.Pylori (stonach infection)
Pregnancy Testing
Hemoccult (colon cancer screening)
Urine Drug Screening (Not Available Same Day)


Tetanus Vaccine
Influenza Vaccine
B-12 Injections
Testosterone Injections

and more...
Now Offering NEEDLE FREE Allergy Testing!!